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WordPress Indiana has 20 years of experience and specializes in WordPress sites for small business entrepreneurs, start-up businesses and home business starting as low as $250.00 for standard install and basic theme setting with monthly payment plan options available. Easy blog control panel and with monthly plans starting at $10.00. We offer VPS Managed Hosting for all our web sites.

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Full Details about our hosting packages, features, prices, etc...
Package Prices starting as low as $250.00 setup which you can pay off in low monthly payments starting at $10 a month. Yes that is for WordPress managed hosting.
Premium Plugins are the adding to your site such as appointment management, ecommerce, events and much more.
Why we price by your personal needs. No one business is the same so we charge you by your needs.

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Does “Manage WordPress Hosting” sound costly?It’s not! Our Monthly plans start at $10.00.
Grab two friends and get a Business plan!$25.00 divided by 3 is only $8.30 a month!
Have a garage full of stuff you will never use?Run your own classified ads plus charge others to list their stuff.
Is your child in a group that is trying to raise money?Work with us and our Fundraiser software to raise money.
Like this text slider?You can have one too!
Yes! Yes!! Yes!!You can use PayPal, Swipe, etc.
Ever wish you could run your own Wiki website?Let us set that up for you!
Need a forum or message board to answer client questions?We have a premium plugin for that.
Do you want to send auto reminders to your clients?We can help you to set that.
Need a multisite WordPress setup?We can do that too!

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Short on money now? We understand.

Add more features as your business grows. That is what our payment plan is for.