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WP Indiana website is just one example of a WordPress theme. You can visit our WordPress catalog to see more WordPress page layouts and themes.

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Managed WordPress Hosting

“WP Indiana has 20 years of experience and specializes in WordPress sites for small business entrepreneurs, start-up businesses and home business starting as low as $350.00 for standard install and basic theme setting. Monthly payment plan options available! Monthly plans starting at $15.00.”

Managed Hosting

Managed Hosting means we do all updates, security, maintenance, and backups. Add-on managed hosting features are available.

Full Website Backups

All WordPress, E-commercial, and other software-based websites are fully backed upped. Website data is held off-site on our cloud to ensure that no information is lost or compromised.

Our Clients

We have clients from Indiana to Florida

  • Authors and Publishers
  • Cleaning Services
  • Exhibit Manufacturers
  • Historical Bloggers
  • Jewelry Crafting and Manufactures
  • Musicians
  • Poets
  • Self-Contractor/Services
  • Freelance Professionals

What is WordPress

What is WordPress? WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that is based on PHP and MySQL. WordPress is the most popular software for websites and blogs.


Blogging is an effective means for search engines to find you. Regular blogging also keeps your site active, which means that search engines are more likely to hit your website. “Learn More!

Payment Plans

We do offer Payment Plans for setup, design and technical support with managed hosting. Six and Twelve months same as cash.

WP Indiana

Prices Determined by Individual Needs

Examples of why pricing must be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Example 1

Client A wants to run her own marketplace e-commerce website and is very good with excel.  Client A is provided a CVS template and sets up her products on the CVS sheet for import into the marketplace.

Client B wants to run his own marketplace e-commerce web but has no time to set up his own products, CVS sheet or even run his website. Client B sends WCL a zip file of products information and images.

As you can tell, depending on the number of products, clients B’s price would be higher because he wants WCL to run his website for him. Where Client A can or wants to be trained to run her own website.
Example 2

Client A wants a business website with an appointment calendar, membership, and events. Client A has a long list of clients to be added to his membership. He wants an instructional video made for the interactive appointment. Client A has very little time to run a website and would prefer to have the website run for him.

Client B wants a business website with an appointment calendar, membership, and events. Client B is a new business with few clients. Clients will be invited to join the membership website. Client B feels the interactive appointment is self-explanatory however she wants extra training how to use her website by herself.

As you can see, these are two totally different scenarios. Client A needs a package with a high monthly rate because WCL will be running most his website for him. Client B is more interested in being trained so that she can run her own website, although WCL still does the advanced maintenance and updates. I would refer Client A to the WCL training section of the website for hourly rates.

Visit WP Indiana Page Layout Catalog

Browse through our many examples of website layouts and the array of features that are available. Pick what you like best from one or as many as you like to help us create a custom website for you.

Common Questions about Blogging and How WP Indiana Can Help You!

Q: I’m not a writer! I can’t blog. I wouldn’t even know where to start.
A: First, you do NOT have to be a writer! A blog can be any kind of content (like pictures, text, documents, videos, cell phone pictures/videos, any kind of document, even a single-sentence text message). We can use this content and create the blog posts for you. Then, we can use this same content to run your social media page. WP Indiana will provide you with a dropbox folder so that you can send us blog content, or we can take content via email. Example: We have a client who sends us weekly cell phone videos of what is happening in her business and we use those video updates to create a video blog. The best part is that we create the text as needed for her. We can do the same for you!

Q: I have no time to send you content and I have no imagination about what kind of content to send!

A: Blogs don’t have to discuss the geo-political woes of the world! Take cell pictures around the office each week and send us the pictures of your staff hard at work. Got a favorite quote from your favorite author that pertains to your business or what you do? We can use that. There is no reason a blog can’t show a more personal interworking of your business or reflect your personal tastes. WP Indiana has lots of ideas that can help you create a blog that is targeted to your needs, with as little effort and time as possible on your part.

Q: OK, I’m convinced that I should blog, and I can write my own blogs. But I have no idea how to use WordPress and frankly, I don’t know much about computers and websites, and all that stuff.

A: The beauty of WordPress is that we can help you find a blog theme that is perfect for you, and we’ll teach you just what you need to do, or teach you as much as you want to do. We will create a “blogging area” that is simple to get to and easy to use. We have many other applications that can help you blog to do your blog. Once we know what you want, what you need, and just how much you can do, we can do the rest.

WordPress Indiana uses a WordPress site builder which enables us to create unique designs using our own themes and templates. We can create any website layout you wish.

WordPress Install starts at $350.00 however the average site ranges from $700.00 to $1500.00, we offer payment plans. Prices are set on the complexity of design and amount of content we will be adding. We also offer blogging and social media services. Payment plans are available with managed hosting.

All blogs and/or WordPress designs include some form of these features:

Hosting (optional) – Payment plans only comes with our hosting.
Customization – Design within package parameters
Content Added
Photo Editing
Monthly Maintenance including security.
Backed Up Weekly
Security plugins
SEO Plugin (setup by package)
Site-Specific Training
Basic setup
More depending plan.

Most clients pay $15 to $25 per month for hosting. If a website has a large number of videos (not YouTube or other videos links), music files, and/or large pictures, then the price will increase if more than 5 GB of space is needed. All prices are customized to fit your needs.

We do offer Payment Plans for setup, design and technical support with managed hosting. Six and Twelve months same as cash.

Other Services

Social Media with weekly posting start at $10 a month. We supply content for social media in many cases.
Technical Support beyond WordPress package starts at $25 an hour.
Training to use your website and/or social media starts at $20 an hour.
Graphic Design prices begin at $20.00 an hour or per quote.

 Important Possible Charges.

Please discuss these possible fees with Kimberly.

** Migration of web site to WordPress Indiana services. There will be no fee for exporting and importing files. However if more work is entailed there could be a fee. No hidden cost, this will be explained and decided before any agreement is reached.

**Domain name may be purchased via WordPress Indiana service or on your own. GoDaddy prices are applied to your bill if WordPress Indiana purchases from GoDaddy for you, at your request.

** The fee applies regardless of whether or not you use WordPress Indiana hosting. If you do not use WordPress Indiana hosting, you cannot use a monthly payment plan unless arrangements to do so is made in advance.

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Danville, Indiana 46122. Tel: 317-762-4319

We accept clients both local and national. Currently, we have clients from Indiana to Florida.

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